Vagent Features

Hybrid VoIP/TDM Telephony
Agents phone/head-set
Telco Interface
Direct SIP or TDM
From other PBX
Dial-in from outside
Agent Interface
  Web Browser (Mozilla Firefox, IE8)
Windows Desktop Application
Custom Interface to Existing Applications
Admin Interface
  Web Browser (Firefox tested, IE8)
Custom Role Based Access
Call Center ACD
  Skills based Routing with Prioritization
IVR and Call Processing
Skills based Queues
Personal Queues
Multiple DID routing into Campaign
DID identifier
Detailed Call Pop-up
Day of the week/Time of the day Scheduling
( Script/URL for Agent) Queue/DID/Campaign triggered
Custom Wrap and Break Codes
Inbound Q features
  Prioritization among Queues
Music on Hold
Introductory Message Announcement
Periodic Message Announcement
Retaining Abandon Call Position within Queue
Overflow management
SLA and Minimum Abandon Time
Branching and Re-routing to Queues and other Dialplans
Skill assignment for Queues
  Predictive/Preview/Agent Ready Dialling
List Management
Custom Fields in Scripts
Custom Dispositions
Call History
Call Backs
Agent Screens
  Configurable Agent web Screen
Customizable Web Screen Layout and Contents
Customizable wrap codes / Disposition
Custom break/DND codes
Transfers (Blind/3-way/Consultative)
Nail-up and Dial-in feature for Voice
Multi-page scripts (Web Agent)
Client - Info and Incoming Call Details
Agent Acknowledgement before handing over calls
Optional Confirmation
Agent Session Controller
  Windows based Agent helper
Agent Phones
  Softphone IP-Phones (connected to the system)
Phones Behind External PBX
External phones (Home or Remote Office phones)
Agent Hot-Desking
Agent ON-Hook or OFF-Hook support (inbound only)
IVR/Call Routing/Dialplan Builder
  GUI based powerful Call Routing Dialplan Builder
Drag and Drop call flow
Campaign Script Builder
  Drag and Drop
Create custom fields
Display or Collect values
Branch from one page to the other
Pass parameters and display URL within Iframe
Voice Recording
  Store and Retrieve Voice Recording
Live Listening
  Listen to live calls
  Extensive Reporting based on detailed data points
CDR for Billing
Adhoc and Regular Reports
Real-time and Historical
Agent, Queue, Campaign performance Reporting
Live Dashboards
Lead Management
  Extensive Lead management Screens
Template for Loading and Extracting Leads
Wall Board and Dashboard
  Real-time Dashboard
  Socket and .NET based API for Custom integration
Web Services API for Admin Integration
  Per Administrator seat restrictions
Per Agent seat restrictions

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