Fring Windows Mobile SIP Settings for voip configuration

NOTE: This configuration guide assumes that you have already signed up and downloaded the application from

To add IsraelNumber service from fring's main screen press Menu and choose Configure Services.

The following screen opens.


Choose SIP from the list. The following screen appears:


Choose "Other" from the list. The following screen appears:

Enter the following settings

User ID: 123456789 (Instead of 123456789 account number in the example, use the account number assigned to you when signed up for IsraelNumber service. )

Password: Enter the password that you chose when you signed up for the service.

SIP proxy:

STEP 4 Once Fring is registered to make a SIP call:

  1. Choose a contact in your address book and press Menu.
  2.  From the Call submenu, choose SIP call.


Make Calls!

To dial any phone number that is part of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan), you must dial:
1 + Area Code + Phone number

To dial any phone number that is outside of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan), you must dial:
Country Code + City Code + Phone number

For example if you want to call Brazil (country code 55) phone number in Rio de Janeiro (city code 21) you must dial 5521 and phone number.

Phones Supported by Fring for Windows Mobile VoIP calls
Some of the windows mobile devices supported by Fring to make mobile VoIP calls are:
HP IPAQ 500, IPAQ 510, IPAQ 512, IPAQ 514, iPAQ hw6910, IPAQ hw6915, IPAQ hw6920, IPAQ hw6925, IPAQ hw6940, IPAQ hw6945, IPAQ hw6965, IPAQ hx2190, IPAQ hx2195, IPAQ hx2490, IPAQ hx2495, iPAQ hx2790, IPAQ hx2795, IPAQ rw6815, iPAQ rw6818, iPAQ rw6828, iPAQ rx1950, IPAQ rx1955

HTC Apache, Artemis, Athena, Atlas, Breeze, Cavalier, CDM PDA Phone, Charmer, Douton, Elf, Elf 200, Erto, Excalibur, Faraday, Galaxy, Gene, GPS PDA Phone, Herald, Hermes, Kaiser, Libra, Love, Mogul, Monet, Mteor, Muse, Nike, Oxygen, Panda, Prophet, Sable, Sirius, Star Trek, Titan, Tornado Noble, Trinity, TyTN, Universal, Volans, Vox, Wings, Wizard

Motorola Franklyn, MC35, Norman, Q, Q8, Q9, Q9h

Asus A626, A686, A696, Graphite, M530w, Mars II, MyPal A639, P305, P525, P526, P535, P735, V1210

Acer c510, c530, n300, N310, n311

Cingular AT&T 2125, 3125, 8125, C8500, C8525

Dell x51, x51v

i-mate Jama, Jamin, JAQ, JAQ3, JAQ4, JasJam, JasJar, K-Jam, PDA-L, PDA-N, SmartFlip, SP5, SP5m, SPJas, SPL, Ultimate 5150

Vodafone V 1240, V1415, V1605, V1640, VDA II, VDA V, VPA Compact GPS, VPA Compact II, VPA Compact IV

Sprint IP-830W, PPC 6700, PPC 6800

Orange C100, C700, F600, M3000, M600, M650, SPV C600, SPV E600, SPV E650, SPV M3100, SPV M5000, SPV M700

Samsung BlackJack, i300, i310, i320, i600, i610, IP830-w, CH-i770, SCH-i770, SGH-i600

Fujitsu Siemens Loox N500, Loox N520, Loox N560, T810, T830

O2 Orion, Quanta Apollo, XDA Argon, XDA Atom, XDA Atom Exec, XDA Atom Pure, XDA Cosmo, XDA Exec, XDA Flame, XDA Graphite, XDA mini Pro, XDA mini S, XDA Neo, XDA Nova, XDA Orbit, XDA Stealth, XDA Terra, XDA Trion, XDA Zinc

Palm Treo 700w, Treo 700wx, Treo 750, Treo 750v