Phone extension functions
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FeatureFeature CodeDescription
Call forward all active*71Using for Call Forward All Active.
Call forward all inactive*72Using for Call Forward All Inactive.
Call Forward Toggle*73Using for Call Forward Toggle.
Call forward busy active*74Using for Call Forward Busy Active.
Call Forward Busy Deactivate*75Using for Call Forward Busy Deactivate.
Call Forward Busy Toggle*76Using for Call Forward Busy Toggle.
Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate*77Using for Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate.
Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate*78Using for Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate
Call Forward No Answer Toggle*79Using for Call Forward No Answer Toggle.
Follow me - activate*80Using for Follow Me - Activate.
Follow me - Deactivate*81Using for Follow Me - Deactivate.
Follow me Toggle*82Using for Follow me Toggle.
Call Waiting - Activate*83Using for Call Waiting - Activate.
Call Waiting - Deactivate*84Using for Call Waiting - Deactivate.
Call Waiting Toggle*85Using for Call Waiting Toggle.
Enable DND*86Using for Enable DND.
Disable DND*87Using for Disable DND.
DND Toggle*88Using for DND Toggle.
Call forward not register active*89Using for Call Forward Not Register Active.
Call forward not register inactive*90Using for Call Forward Not Register Inactive.
Call Forward not register Toggle*91Using for Call Forward not register Toggle.
Toggle Call Recording*92Using for Toggle Call Recording.
call_recording_active*93Using for Active call recording.
Blind Call Transfer*2Using for Blind Call Transfer.
Attended Call Transfer*3Using for Attended Call Transfer.
Any Dial Voicemail*96Using for Any Dial Voicemail.
My own Voicemail*97Using for Listen own voicemail.
Intercept an extension*98Using for Listen live running call on dialled extension.
Directed Call Pickup Same group*99Using for Pickup Same Group Ringing Extension.
General Call Pick*100Using for Pickup Any Ringing Extension.
Call Recording Inactive*101Using for Inactive Call Recording.