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I can’t call out after installation                     Top

1. Does your softphone display show “Ready”? If it does, it might point to a temporarily server problem. Please try again in few minutes.
2. If your softphone display shows “Error”, please check your account settings details (User name, Password, SIP server address)

What are the needed dialing rules when calling Israel, USA or other countries?                     Top

– To call a number in Israel, you should dial the Israeli area code + the number, for example 04+5567899 (for Haifa).
– To call a mobile number in Israel, you should dial the mobile carrier code + the number, for example 052+5567899 (for Cellcom).
– To call a number in the USA, you should dial 00 + 1 + the state code + the number, for example 00+1+305+ 2008898(for USA / FL).
– To call a number in any other country (other then USA), you should dial the country code + the city code + the number, for example 00+39+0016774 (for Australia, Melbourne).

I am a Vonage user, can I use their gateway to make and receive calls from your numbers?                     Top

you can receive the calls, at no extra cost over the fix monthly cost, to a device with our account settings on. If you currently have a Vonage box which you use, unless you can install our account settings on it, you can not accept incoming calls from us on it.

What charges would I pay for Call Forwarding to my mobile number?                     Top

Our service gives you the option to forward calls to a standard phone number (mobile/land). You can temporarily set the Call Forwarding by dialing *73 from your device; or, we can set a permanent Follow Me to your number if your device didn’t answer.
In such a scenario, you will incur additional per-minute charges for calls being forwarded to this number. The exact per-minute cost of the forwarded calls can be viewed, by destinations at: International per-minute calling rates.

How do I change my Voice Mailbox settings?                     Top

You can modify your Voice Mailbox settings by dialing *97 from your extension. To modified any of the VM (Voice Mailbox) settings via the web portal, please enter Voice Mailbox management portal. Please access the web-portal using the Username & Password supplied to you at registration time.
Using this tool you can modify and view many details, including:
– Modify your password.
– View messages archive.
– Modify email forwarding address.