Calling cards platform
You have a location where you want to market calling cards?
We can provide you with a complete package of a Calling card platform, tailored to your needs. Local access in the market intended, complete calling-card platform custom to your needs and aggressive AtoZ to cover call termination needs. Concentrate on the marketing side, let us help you on the technical side.

Note, is some locations, selling of Calling cards might require local licensing. We can not provide you with such licensing, please inquire for local assistance.


  • We can provide you with local numbers in the location you intend to operate (coverage)
  • Multi national operation on the same system is possible by allocating access numbers from different location, to a single system.

Calling card platform

  • PIN required, or PINless identification of users options.
  • Custom build flexible billing system with many possible options such as:
    Min/max call duration, Connect charge, min call billing, billing cycles, expiration from date, expiration from initial usage, prepaid/postpaid options and many more.
  • Online management portal providing reports on traffic and system usage.
  • Online users’ portal allowing recharge and user-own account management.
  • Easy production of ready-to-use codes in excel format.

Call termination

  • Aggressive call-rates sheet providing AtoZ to all world location.
  • Optional customization of rate sheet to specific destinations.
  • Online reports and management options.
    Note, all charges are pre paid only.

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