Voice mailbox features 

Israelnumber gives you more control over your voicemail messages than you’ve ever had before. With Israelnumber you can now control your voicemail by phone, the web or your own email service.

Listen to your messages online
Now you can check your voice mailbox without picking up a phone. You can check your messages online using a web browser and listen to them through your computer’s speakers using most media players. Now you have the convenience of checking your message from anywhere in the world.

Receive Email Notification When You Have New Messages
Israelnumber voice mailbox notifies you the way you want to be notified. If activated, Israelnumber can send you an email notifying you every time you receive a voicemail along with the caller ID information. If that’s not enough, Israelnumber can notify you by email with the actual audio message attached, so you can listen to messages with your computer, forward messages to somebody else, or store them on your hard drive for future reference. You can turn these free features on or off at your convenience through the Israelnumber portal. With Israelnumber you’re only a couple clicks away from your messages.

Access Your Israelnumber voice mailbox anywhere, anytime
Israelnumber makes voicemail simple. With Israelnumber you can check your messages by phone. Simply calling your own Israelnumber number, entering your PIN, and using easy touchtone or voice menus.

Control your voicemail messages the way you want:

  • Check your messages online from any computer browser with Internet access.
  • Receive your messages as email file attachments.
  • Enter your favorite email address and activate email notification with a single click. With another click turn email audio attachments on or off.
  • Choose a new PIN for voice mailbox access whenever you like.

Check your Voicemail three ways:

By phone: dial your Israelnumber number and hit * during your greeting to enter your Voicemail Administrator.

By computer: at your Israelnumber Account Portal

By email: Israelnumber will attach voicemail messages as a .wav file attachment.