Dedicated Voice servers
Do you have an important phone application, need OS customization, need a lot of resources for your system, or simply don’t want to bother with set-up and management. of the environment?

We can provide you with an exclusive server and surrounding services, providing you an ease of mind in installation and operation of your phone application.

Dedicated voice server features

  • Complete installation of OS, call engine and billing system.
  • Optional connectivity of server to origination numbers and termination options.
  • Remote access via FTP, HTTP or SSH to setup your application.
  • Over all traffic, security and resources management.
  • Over all server management. services.

Voice Servers – Technical details:

  • Linux, Asterisk based application.
  • Hardware server configuration, to your specifications.
  • Multiple IPs option.

Please Contact us for a specific quote

  • Please include general information as to your needs and corporate outline.