This short API documentation describes each API call that can be done as a customer and it’s usage.

In order to be able to use these calls first you need ro get a temporary token, this can be done by login API call response as “account_token”. Please note that all the calls are in a post method.


This call is used to Log in to your account in our system using Username & Password, as a response you’ll get your account information.

Get Balance:

This call will show as a response the current balance in your account.

Get Charge History:

This call will show as a response all the transactions that have occurred in your account, such as: purchasing DIDs, renewed DIDs, refill, postcharge etc.

DID Type List:

This call will show all the DID types that we have like: Landline, Mobile voice, Mobile SMS, Mobile voice+SMS etc.

Available DIDa List:

This call will show a list with all available DIDs in our system with detailed information about each DID: DID number, monthly cost, set up fee, provider, country, DID type etc. This available DID can be purchased by you.

DID Assign:

After using the “Available DIDs List” call, this call will let you assign the most suitable DID to your account.

DID Purchased List:

This call will show all the DIDs that were purchased by you in your account with detailed  information per DID.

DID Release:

Using this call will let you release a DID from your account.

DID Forward Setting:

This call will set to where the DID will be forwarded, to an extension, PSTN, Access number, direct IP etc.