Get local virtual numbers from any country of your choice

Use any of the virtual numbers we provide, in any of the following ways:

Be local, anywhere

  • Use our virtual numbers and receive the incoming calls to a SIP phone, Land or mobile phone, Skype or Voice mailbox
  • Call out via our network, calls will show your local virtual number as CallerId and allow customers to return your calls locally.
  • Present local appearance in many locations at the same time, from a single company in a single location.

Receive your calls while away from your country

  • Incoming calls to your number will be forward to a SIP phone, Land or mobile phone, Skype or Voice mailbox
  • Mix and change your forwarding destinations as often as needed.
  • Forward your local cellular to the number provided. Receive the incoming calls to your local cellular while being away and save big.

Use the number to save on your out-going international calls

  • Register your mobile / land numbers to your account, via your online portal.
  • When calling from registered numbers, receive a dial-tone, and call your destination.
  • When calling from un-registered numbers, use a PIN number, and call your destination.
  • Enjoy our low calling-rate for all your international calls.

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