SIP Trunk features

Make and receive as many concurrent calls as you need using our SIP Trunk.

  • Mix and combine the bandwidth you need from different local PSTN networks into a single trunk to your IPBX.
  • Adjust channels amount as needed, get charged only for what you need.
  • 5 channels or 500 channels, we can provide them all.

    Calls origination from any of the number types we provide (Local Numbers).

  • Combine any type of numbers (Standard / multi-channel or toll-free) originations into a single trunk.
  • Add numbers as needed from the same network, or from an additional one, as needed.

    Calls termination to any destination while enjoying our low-cost AtoZ rate sheet (Call rates).

  • Online, real time call termination reports.
  • High volume call termination discount.
  • Custom build AtoZ to support a high volume of calls to specific destinations.

    Terminate and Originate calls from Skype network, on the same trunk.

  • Make calls to Skype network users from the same SIP trunk to us. No need to adjust your network to new components.
  • Receive calls from Skype network to your IPBX via your trunk to us.
  • High volume of calls to/from Skype network supported upon request.
  • Custom build setup and special projects availability to Skype network.

    Manage your incoming calls

  • Real time dynamic diversion of incoming call to your trunk, phone, skype or VM.
  • Accept incoming calls from specific CallerIDs only, modify as needed via the account online portal.
  • Ring incoming calls from specific numbers, on specific extensions in your PBX.

    Security and redundancy

  • Optional fail-over trunk to support any problem on initial connection
  • CallerID screening verification, automatic alerts and fraud detections are all supported and provided.

    Become local in any foreign market, make calls caring your foreign Caller ID number.

  • Make your out-going calls to each local network carrying its unique local number received from us. The receiving party can return the call to CallerID shown, we will send the call to your IP trunk with us.