Service specifications:

  • The service is based on interactive responses between the end-user and the system, via text (SMS) messages.
  • The service is provided in Hebrew and English.  The service consists of a “tree” structure and predefined questions / answers.
  • Pending on the customer’s reply, he will be directed to the appropriate category in the “tree” options.
  • There is no limit to the process amount of branching-out, or the structure of the questions and answers.
  • The SMS messages that are sent to the end customer can contain text, links and options for further selection by the user.
  • After the initial construction of the “tree” options, all that is left is to enter the list of phone numbers’ destinations.
  • The system provides status reports for messages that have been forwarded to their destination and allows retransmission of messages that have not been received properly.

Examples of types of usage:

  • Commercial marketing campaign promoting product/services. 
  • political campaign, pre/post allections
  • Polls of any kind
  • anything else that comes to mind….

Examples of applications:

For which animal is the service requested?

For the press dog – press 1

For the cat press – press 2

For the rabbit – press 3

For the fish – press 4

For the hamsters – press 5


-> Suppose the customer selects option “1” dog

–> What service are you interested in?

To purchase dry food – press 1

To buy canned food – press 2

To purchase chew toys – press 3

To purchase tick and flea treatment – press 4

To purchase straps, collars and harnesses – press 5


-> Suppose the customer selects option “4”  for tick and flea treatment

To purchase collar type product  – press 1

To purchase liquid  type product  – press 3

For product’s category on Sale  – press 3

-> etc.. etc…