Agent account overview 

Do you have telephony customers you whish to manage yourself? we have the tool for you.

ITC offers a soft switch for VoIP companies providing financial and SIP end-users’ management.

System purpose to enable telephony customers’ management (single user, IPBX or group of users) while providing for easy setup, settings modification, financial management and real-time reports.

The following described business-module, provides the agent with revenue from his customers’ calls.

The system is a management tool and do not provide remote IPBX features. Various needed PBX features will be assigned to the end-customer by ITC, as needed.

Usage description:

Agent account setup by ITC

  • Setting up agent’s commission percentage, paid from the customers’ deposits.
  • Setting up the account call-rates, from which the commission will be paid.

Agent is making a deposit to his account balance.

  • Deposit is showing in agent account.
  • Deposit can be made directly to agent account via credit-card. Setting the initial customer’s accounts, done by ITC or the agent.

Setting the initial customer’s accounts, done by ITC or the agent.

  • Defining customer account profile, many options available to support any type of billing method.
  • New customers can be generated with initial balance in their call-account, or zero.
  • Setup of customers’ accounts by ITC, minimum 10 at a time.

Calls account balance

  • As needed, the agent is making deposits to the customer account.
  • The amount of the deposit is being deducted from the agent account balance, added in the customer’s account balance.
  • The agent is billing the customer directly, for the amount of deposit.

Customers’ activities

  • The customers are making calls, billed according to the call-rates assigned to their account.
  • ITC basic rate sheet can be used.
  • A different rate sheet (base cost + fix %) can be assigned, to different customers.
  • Each customer account has an online portal with many options such as Call History, FollowMe, CallerID management and more.

Account usage and low balance notifications

  • Automatic Low Balance Notification email sent to account holder.
  • Agent can move balance from his main account, to the customer account.
  • Customer can add money independently using credit-card.


  • Commissions are calculated from deposits done to customer account, according to agent agreed commission percentage.
  • The commissions can be moved to agent main account balance for future usage.
  • Customer can add money independently using credit-card.

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