Agent account details

Agent online portal components:


  • Show messages to agent.


  • Account Information
    • Total agent account balance
    • Commissions withdraw and balance movement to the agent account
    • Add funds
  • Password – modify account password
  • Historic Remittance – commission payments history to agent account.


  • List Customer – presentation of all active customers in agent’s account
    • Create new user, one by one, or by batch.
    • Modify or delete existing customer’s accounts
    • Balance transfer from agent to customer’s account balance
  • Caller-ID – View, modify and delete CallerIDs associate to each account
  • Card History – customers calls history.
  • VoIP Configuration – add another extension, under existing customer. The new extension’s calls will be billed to current customer account.

BILLING – contain different financial reports regarding agent and customers activities.

  • Account Balance – list customers’ accounts balance
  • Own Refills – list deposits made to agent account, including commissions
  • Own Payments – list deposits to agent account, done by agent
  • Customer’s Refills – list deposits done to customer’s accounts, by agent
  • Customer’s Payment – list deposits done by customers, to customers’ accounts
  • Payment Log – list all deposits done
  • Commission – list commission payments to the agent


  • Browse Rates – view call rates by destination or call-plans assigned to agent account


  • Cdr Report – view customer’s calls according to various sorting options
  • Monthly Traffic – view total monthly traffic comparison.


  • Customer Ticket – view customers’ support tickets
  • View and Create Tickets – create and view agent support tickets

Dormant account:
Agent account from which no calls were made for the last 120 days will be disabled. Notifications will be sent to the account contacts. If no calls were made in the following 30 days, the account will be removed.

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