Multi channel phone numbers

Multi channel phone numbers, multiple calls, single number.

Do you have many customers or deploy many people in single location? Give them all a single multi channel phone number, providing dial-tone and saving on out going calls; or, connecting to your IPBX, at no further costs.

Do you have a calling-card business and need an Access-Number allowing multiple incoming call capacity? We can help you.

multi channel phone number

Service details:

  • Local number, local cost of call to your number.
  • Fix monthly cost, unlimited incoming calls.
  • Price per-channel, minimum setup 5 channels (con-current calls).
  • Delivery of calls to your IP, in SIP Trunk format, save on the call termination costs.
  • Delivery of calls any phone number, at a local cost of call.
  • Use the number as an access-number, save big on your long-distance cost of calls.

Available Locations:

(If you are looking for a location which is not listed, please let us know, we will quote you separately.)

All area codes

All area codes

All area codes

City NamePrefix
St Petersburg7-812
City NamePrefix
City NamePrefix
Tel Aviv972-3
Local non-geographic972-72
Local non-geographic972-73
City NamePrefix
City NamePrefix


City NamePrefix
Mexico city DF52-55
City NamePrefix

For complete details, please contact, please include the location needed and number of channels required.